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TBR Hiatus Coming

About TBR’s Hiatus

To our beloved readership, we are pleased to announce that the Tidal Basin Review is moving to a bigger house. Thanks to you, we have grown exponentially in our efforts to reflect the varied and rich multicultural literary landscape of America.  Since we began in 2010, it has been our great honor to publish work by some of the greatest poets, writers, and visual artists in the country. That list includes Martha Collins, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Brian Gilmore, Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Tony Medina, Afaa Michael Weaver, and so many talented others.

As a result of Tidal Basin Review’s fairly rapid growth, the time has come for us to make organizational adjustments in order to accommodate that growth. Consequently, after publication of the Summer 2012, Cultural Pride Issue, we will be going on hiatus until March 31, 2013 to restructure. Upon our return, Tidal Basin Review’s online presence will be reinvigorated and our capacity to support our literary mission will be expanded. However, our vision “to amplify the voice of the human experience through art that is intimate, engaging, and audacious” will remain the same.

Please stayed tuned for our Summer 2012, Cultural Pride Issue, which will feature the work of artist Monica Ong, and Series Poet Erik Mortenson.  In addition, our Cultural Pride issue will feature the life and business reflections of pioneering bookseller, Brother Yao Glover.  The book store chain that he founded, Karibu Books, was once a cultural landmark, and one of the most-beloved book stores in the DMV.  Its 15 year efforts to edify the African-American community, as a bookseller, remains an  unparalleled achievement in our area. For the first time in a periodical, Brother Yao shares his perspective on the Karibu journey. The Tidal Basin Review is honored to share his stunning narrative, our D.C. cultural pride. It represents a scoop.  Again, stay tuned!

–The Tidal Basin Collective