TIDE’S IN! – Tidal Basin Review, Spring 2011 (The Black Issue) E-Issue

T ∫ B ∫ R

tidal basin review


The Tidal Basin Review Launches The Black Issue!

The complete E-Issue of the Tidal Basin Review is available at www.TidalBasinPress.org.

Cover Art by Thomas Sayers Ellis

April 5, 2011 – Washington, DC


Tidal Basin Press, LLC launches the The Black Issue (Spring 2011) of the Tidal Basin Review.

Tidal Basin Review is an electronic literary journal with a print-on-demand option. Tidal Basin Press, LLC seeks to amplify the voice of the human experience through art that is intimate, engaging, and audacious. We make every effort to include work that propels the present artistic landscape and to publish the wide spectrum of American voices.

In The Black Issue (Spring 2011 E-Issue), enjoy the creative works of 30 talented writers, 18 of them responding to the national phenomena of Post-Race and Post-Blackness. Also, catch up with poet, photographer, and Featured Artist, Thomas Sayers Ellis, as he and 17 other contemporary writers touch bases in a collaborative interview.

“Down Atlantis” by Rickey Laurentiis, our center-featured Series Poet available only in the Print Issue available for purchase now.

View the full E-Issue and order your print copy of The Black Issue Tidal Basin Review at www.TidalBasinPress.org.


Spring 2011 Contributors:

Makalani Bandele, Janee J. Baugher, Antoinette Brim, Lisa Cheby, Desiree Cooper, Mitchell L. H. Douglas, Leola Dublin MacMillan, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Jonterri Gadson, Hoke S. Glover (Brother Yao), Rain C. Gomez, Niki Herd, Ailish Hopper, Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Cole Krawitz, Rickey Laurentiis, AJ Ong, Jeremy Paden, Maya Pindyck, Khadijah Queen, Ed Roberson, Tacuma Roeback, Sally Rusk, Claude Clayton Smith, Bianca Spriggs, Enzo Silon Surin, Tammy L. Tillotson, Norman Waksler, Afaa Michael Weaver, and Leon Weinmann.

Collaborative Interview Participants:

Dilruba Ahmed, Sandra Beasley, Deborah Bernhardt, Destiny Birdsong, Willa Carroll, Martha Collins, Kelly Norman Ellis, Nikky Finney, Aracelis Girmay, Nathalie Handel, Harmony Holiday, Ailish Hopper, Fady Joudah, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Barbara Jane Reyes, Patricia Spears Jones, and Afaa Michael Weaver.

Press Contacts:

Melanie Henderson, Managing Editor

Randall Horton, Editor-in-Chief



About tidalbasinreview

Tidal Basin Press Mission Our mission is to provide a space for inclusive and interdisciplinary approaches to the creative arts. We support artists who represent the rich American landscape by publishing high-quality, well-crafted literature, visual and media art through our annual contest, readings, and print and online journals. Vision Our vision is to amplify the voice of the human experience through art that is intimate, engaging, and audacious. We do not seek shock value art, but rather work that propels the present artistic landscape.

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