The 2010 TBR Editorial Review Prize Results are in!

2010 TBR Editorial Review Prize Results


Poetry: Reginald Flood, “Hickory (1890-1940)”
Prose: Kim Coleman Foote, “Yellow Brick Secrets”


Phillip B. Williams, “Ars Poetica: Before the Illuminated Instruments”

Jasmon Drain, “Green Quarters”

Thanks to all our brave entrants!
Congratulations to our winners!

In the next issue, poets and scholars respond to Arizona’s SB 1070, feature from photographer Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and poems and creative prose (including our prize winners!)

Sit and relax at the shore. A tide’s coming in soon!


About tidalbasinreview

Tidal Basin Press Mission Our mission is to provide a space for inclusive and interdisciplinary approaches to the creative arts. We support artists who represent the rich American landscape by publishing high-quality, well-crafted literature, visual and media art through our annual contest, readings, and print and online journals. Vision Our vision is to amplify the voice of the human experience through art that is intimate, engaging, and audacious. We do not seek shock value art, but rather work that propels the present artistic landscape.

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